I remember the day when it came time for Scott to leave both me and his brother Ben as we had accompanied Scott to the airport. It’s laughable now to think how grown men think and act when they try not to show any emotion and affection to each other.  I remember when it came time to say goodbye and for Scott to walk through into the international departure lounge; a chest hug was about as emotional as we would allow each other to become. With that exuberant emotional display Scott then simply turned around and walked through the doors to enter into what has proved to be the most incredible journey of his life so far.

As a pastor and a father to Scott I prayed and hoped that God would show him the significance of his worth as well as his need for a spiritual father in his own life.  Although I will always be Scott’s father, God had to show him the significance of me being more than just his natural father. I knew that he had to leave England and be discipled in order for God to show him this, as God often has to take us out of our own familiar environment in reveal to us the wonders and purposes of His heart.

Throughout Scott’s discipleship I very quickly begun seeing dramatic changes to his confidence, his willingness to emotionally engage, his spiritual understanding and his use of spiritual dialogue.  All of this was evidence that Scott was changing and being transformed right before my eyes, which was all due to EDT.  In what seemed a very short space of time both father and son were having conversations that I had dreamed of having with him for many years.  When I later returned back to Southern Lights to speak again at the School of Prophets conference, Scott met me at the airport.  This time there were no chest hugs, no man shakes but a full on loving embrace between a father and his son, which was beautiful.  Since Scott’s return back to the UK after completing two years of full time EDT, I have become a very proud father as the prodigal son who I thought was lost has not only returned but has returned transformed, focused and fulfilled.  There is no greater joy than for a father to have his son labour alongside him in ministry, something that both Scott and I both realise and now do together.

I realise that Scott’s transformation is due to many things including his willingness to cooperate with the will of God.  I know that without the team at EDT and their incredible unselfish dedication, their consistency and generosity, and their commitment to discipling people then all this would not have been possible. I personally believe that EDT is a God given gift that is to be shared with the nations of the world, as it is a finishing school that trains, empowers and builds polished arrows for Christ and His Kingdom. I wholeheartedly recommend that you consider giving God the time and the space needed in your life so you too can experience this life transforming training.