Four lads set out on an adventure, with little idea of what lay ahead. Photos were exchanged just before we took off so that the person picking us up knew who to look for.  As soon as we landed in Seoul, Korea, it was straight into it. We met with Pastors at Joyful City Church, met with teachers and students at Covenant School and found out where we were staying. Little did we know then that these people would touch our hearts over the next three weeks. 

Covenant School is similar to Australis School. We were given the opportunity to hold some classes at Covenant School, teaching the students about Australian history, to sit in some lessons and to get to know the students. Much fun was had as we tried to learn how to use chopsticks and ate a lot of food, we had no idea about. We played board games and card games, and they tried to teach us some of the Korean language. Some of us picked it up better than others. 

We had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with members and Pastors of Joyful City Church. They took us out and showed us many parts of Korea. From big shopping centres to the North Korean-South Korean border – we saw as much of Korea as they could cram into three short weeks. 

We learnt much about the history of Korea, but sightseeing wasn’t the only experience. We embraced the foreign food, trying a variety of new foods from chicken feet to octopus, from cold noodles to spicy rice cakes. 

We met so many people, explored so much, learnt so much, were blessed by Joyful City Church and Covenant School so incredibly and our hearts were so touched by the beauty of the people and the place. The experience opened our eyes to South Korea and this trip will stay with each of us for the rest of our lives.