What: One-year placement position that provides intensive Christian leadership development through close involvement with and mentoring by the Southern Lights Church pastors and staff.

Who: Those who want to be expert Church leaders and/or a pastor and have a particular passion to serve the vision of Southern Lights Church and Excelerate Discipleship Training along with a complimentary set of skills.

Standards: Must have completed Second Year Excelerate, leadership talent, teachable, willing to serve, a ministry passion, fruit of sonship, team-worker, hard work ethic. 


  • Complete ACOM Bachelor (Centrelink payment) if applicable
  • Behind the scenes participation with Church pastors and staff i.e. involved in meetings,
  • Mentoring from Senior Minister and other pastors 
  • Project management
  • Sunday church leadership role
  • EDT involvement – prayer, training, mentoring, trips etc.
  • ACC involvement – mentoring, chapel preaching