‘Excelerate Discipleship Training is a place where men and women come to die. They die to self, this world, the natural, ambition, and religion. Excelerate unapologetically confronts the flesh-man.  Day in and day out Excelerate is a tool of God to destroy the believer’s greatest limitation, self.  Excelerate is concerned with the spirit-man; it expertly trains the spirit ensuring a student is alive in Christ, full of the Spirit and a mature disciple empowered to complete the call of God.’

– Ps CalebNicholes –

Is Excelerate For Me?

Do you desire to form a more intimate relationship with God?

Do you want to better understand your identity in God and who He has called you to be?

Do you want to build a strong foundation in your life so you can lead others and serve God whole-heartedly?

Do you have a passion to influence your community and the nations for God?

Excelerate Aims and Learning Outcomes

Excelerate offers both one-year of part time training and two-years of full time training, with the option of finishing or deferring after one year being available.  Ideally the two years of full time training are completed consecutively, however, due to family circumstances and employment or university requirements some students elect to complete their second year of training at a later date or finish up after completing just one year.Students opting for the part‐time course may enrol in the full‐time course (either first year or second year depending on prior training and experience) the following year or at a later date for which they can be awarded recognition of prior learning.

Each year of training possesses specific aims and outcomes to ensure that the objective of Excelerate, to see men and women transformed into accurate and influential ambassadors of Jesus Christ, is accomplished.  The aims for first year full time and part time training are the same, although the degree to which the aims are met can differ due to the lower level intensity and time allocated to training in the part time program.

First Year Aims & Learning Outcomes


Students to have acquired knowledge and a sound understanding of the foundational principles pertaining to Christ and His Kingdom.

At the completion of the course students will be able to demonstrate that they have developed accurate Christian doctrine and possess a solid biblical foundation. Students will have obtained revelation regarding who Jesus Christ is and the importance and power of His life, death, resurrection and ascension. Students will also have a clear understanding of discipleship and its importance and necessity as a follower of Jesus.


Students to know and be able to be led by the Holy Spirit in all situations and environments.

Throughout the year students will be continually exposed to opportunities to grow and deepen their personal relationship with God. They will have learnt how to, as well as know the value of worship, prayer, fasting and living out of the spirit. They will also have received specific training and have developed competency in hearing the voice of God, building in the Spirit, moving in the prophetic, and gifts of the Spirit.


Students to be able to consistently apply skills training and revelation to their personal lives that in turn demonstrates heart transformation.

Students will have ample opportunity through training and times of sharing openly and honestly to develop their character, personal purity and an accurate sense of their identity in God. Additionally, they will be able to demonstrate awareness of, and accuracy in their personal values, core beliefs, thought processes and emotions. At the completion of the course students will also be able to apply practical skills training and acquired knowledge to their personal lives that proves them competent and responsible in managing their time, finances and health along with many other areas of good self‐management.


Students to have an accurate understanding of the role of the church in the Kingdom of God and their role as priests within the local church.

Students will have acquired knowledge and understanding regarding the God ordained purpose of the universal church as the headquarters of Heaven. Additionally, they will understand the purpose of the local church and receive specific training in how to partner accurately with Southern Lights church in the accomplishing our purpose in God. Students will receive experiential training in various church ministries and have opportunity to minister to others during times of placements and mission trips in a variety of ways.


Students to be able to function effectively and in a Christ like manner within a team setting and in all environments external to the church.

Students will reveal through interaction with classmates and others an understanding of honour, love, compassion, and unity in the Spirit. They will be able to demonstrate their competency and understanding in key areas they are trained in that are important to healthy teamwork such as communication skills, assertiveness training, interpersonal effectiveness, conflict resolution, and speaking the truth in love. Upon full completion of the course students will have received training in evangelism and how to reveal Jesus Christ to others, as well as participated in a variety of activities that benefit the community.


Students to have clarity and understanding regarding their assignment in God and be able to make choices that move them deliberately towards finishing this assignment.

Students will have the opportunity to contemplate and prepare for their future according to God’s will for their lives. They will be able to strategically plan for their future based on God’s word for their life and be trained in skills such as goal setting and decision making that will assist them in continuing to make destiny based choices.


Students to be able to competently lead others with integrity and maturity

Students will have learnt leadership skills that reflect God’s heart.  They will have understanding and practical experience regarding the differing roles of leading, managing and mentoring and receive skills training in public speaking, platform ministry, and communicating to a team.  Students will receive teaching on ethical conduct and issues and will be able to demonstrate initiative, innovation and creativity in the manner that they lead others.

Second Year Aims


Students to be able to independently draw revelation from the Word of God and accurately manifest it in their everyday lives. Furthermore, students to be able to live according to the Spirit and operate full of the Holy Ghost at all times.


Students to be able to demonstrate the ability to responsibly manage a balanced life, regulate their emotions, thoughts, and behaviour according to God’s Word and faithfully pursue and grow their personal relationship with God.


Students to be able to minister and communicate with clarity and conviction whenever necessary in a way that engages the audience and enables them to achieve greater knowledge, understanding and personal breakthrough.


Students to be proficient in the skills required to manage events, teams and ministries in such a way that desired outcomes are achieved with professionalism and excellence.


Students to be able to competently lead in a Christ like manner, demonstrating the ability to motivate and inspire followers to complete a vision and journey further in their destiny with God.


Students to have a clear understanding of the Kingdom mandate and are therefore confident in executing the will of God in all spheres of society beyond the church.


Students to be a passionate and honourable representative of Jesus in all that they do including being of sound character, serving with a pure heart, possessing the attitude of a son/daughter in the local church, remaining under authority, and upholding unity in the Spirit for the purpose of advancing The Kingdom.


The below criteria must be satisfied in order to be considered for Excelerate Discipleship Training:

Be over 18 years of age (or turning 18 within the first few months of commencing EDT)

Agree to the Excelerate statement of faith

Complete the application form, including all referee reports and pay the application processing fee by the due date

Agree to the Excelerate policies of no drinking and no dating. These policies will be discussed further during the interview process.



Diploma of Ministry

This training is provided in partnership with the Australian College of Ministries (ACOM). ACOM is a Member Institute of the Sydney College of Divinity who offer internationally recognised higher education awards.

Study with ACOM is Austudy & Fee-Help approved through the Sydney College of Divinity, for students who meet the Australian Government criteria. Visit www.studyassist.gov.au for details

Students who commence studies in 2017 with the Higher Education Diploma will complete 6 units in 1st year and 6 units in 2nd year. Ongoing students from 2016 and students returning to study with us, having previously completed the Certificate IV qualification, will have to complete 7 units during their 2nd year.