We Welcome You

Excelerate Discipleship Training welcomes international participants. They add great value to Excelerate through sharing their culture and experiences with others and bring valuable diversity into the training program. Excelerate desires to train people from differing nations and cultures in order that they are equipped to return as disciplined followers of Christ and transform their communities, cities and nations.


Important Dates

Applications Open: 15th August
Applications Close: 30th September
Interview Period: 1st – 15th October
Confirmation of Acceptance*: 20th October

*An official invitation will be iussued to those who have been accepted into EDT to be included with your Australian Visa Application

Full Time Sponsored Students

A sponsored student lives with an experienced family from the local church who does not receive financial compensation. This host family opens their home and their hearts to the student for the entire year, free of charge. Sponsored students pay additional funds included in their fees, which covers increased administration costs, training, and one-on-one coaching for the Mentors in the Home, to ensure students are provided with a secure and rewarding home life for the duration of their stay.
Sponsored students need to cover their own personal costs such as transport, clothing, meals outside of the host home, entertainment, and other personal items. Receiving Centrelink should assist students to cover these personal costs as well as the ‘living expense levy’ throughout the year.
International students are not able to engage in paid employment as part of their Australian visa requirements.
Missions trips – Second Year students will also have the opportunity to be involved in an international placement to locations such as the Philippines, Uganda, Europe, Malaysia, Japan, Middle East, Solomon Islands and Indonesia. This is an opportunity of a lifetime to ‘go into all the world’, minister to many people and influence other nations for Christ. Students undertaking the Diploma of Ministry are required to participate in these trips, the cost will be between $1,000 ‐ $3,000 depending on the location in addition to the course fees.

For those students who are not undertaking the Diploma of Ministry a number of domestic trips will be available. In order to book and plan diligently, should a second year student desire to participate in an international placement a deposit of $1000 will be required by 31st of May each year.

Further Information

All payments due to Excelerate Discipleship Training are to be paid in Australian currency. Participants coming to Australia are to ensure that necessary arrangements are made with their bank in their home country prior to departing for Australia.
All participants must be familiar with both verbal and written English as thorough communication is required between the participant and Excelerate Discipleship Training.

International participants are responsible for their return travel costs from country of origin to Melbourne, Australia.
International participants require health insurance as they will not be covered by Australia’s public health system Medicare for any medical and hospital expenses. Please see the link for further health insurance details www.border.gov.au/Trav/Stud/More/Health-Insurance


Some applicants depending on their nationality and financial situation may be eligible for partial or complete scholarship.  It should be noted that the number of scholarships available is limited and are reserved for students in extreme financial difficulty.  Should you require more information regarding this please contact our EDT international student coordinator Leanne Tanner

How to Apply

  1. Submit online application form 
  2. Pay the non-refundable application fee of $250
  3. Obtain references as specified in the application form (please note your nominated referees will be contacted via email on the address the provided to complete your recommendation for EDT.  It is the student’s responsibility to ensure all referees have completed and emailed the forms back to us in a timely manner).
  4. International applications will be reviewed upon submission and direct contact will be made to the applicant from an EDT staff member.
  5. Once contact has been made to the applicant from an EDT staff member, the applicant will be offered an online interview or phone interview depending on the applicant’s situation.
  6. Should the applicant be offered a place in EDT they will receive an acceptance letter to be used for their Australian Visa application and an information pack containing the following:
    • Deposit due date
    • Additional financial information
    • International participant information pack
    • Student handbook
    • Orientation information
    • Important dates

Applying for a Visa

All international participants require a passport and visa for the entire duration of their stay in Australia.

Different visa options are available dependent upon which country the applicant is applying from, how long they’re applying for and also the age of the applicant. These may include a Working Holiday Visa or a Special Program Visa. Should the participant decide to extend their period of stay in Australia, their passport needs to be valid 6 months to one year after the proposed period of stay is completed. The participant is responsible for any visa extension application through the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Patrol. Please contact the Excelerate Discipleship Training Department Head for a recommendation which visa to apply for prior to commencing the Australian visa application process.

An official letter to support the international participant’s visa will be sent to the participant once they have been officially accepted into Excelerate Discipleship Training. The contents of the letter will vary depending upon the type of Australian visa the participant is applying for.

Please allow 2-3 months for the processing of your visa application depending on the type of visa you are applying for. For questions regarding international participants and applications please contact our EDT international student coordinator:

Leanne Tanner
E: leanne.tanner@southernlights.org.au
P: +613 9785 1112