2018 Student Application

Applications from Students are due by October 31st2017

  • A late fee of $150 will be administered for any late applications received after this date and needs to be paid at the time of an interview. Late applications will only be processed through to an interview if a position for the course is available.

Once you have submitted your application form please ensure you transfer your $250.00 application fee. 

Banking Details

Bank: Westpac Bank, Karingal

Account Name: Southern Lights

BSB: 033-138

Account Number: 267016

Reference: Your name + what money is for


Applicant's Name:*

Home Phone:







Are you baptised in the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues?*

If so when

Date of Birth:*

Have you been water baptised?*

If so when?

What Date Did You Accept Jesus?


Spouse or Next of Kin Name:*

Spouse/Next of Kin Phone:


Spouse/Next of kin Mobile:

Children Names & Ages
Mother's Name

Mother's Phone

Mother's Email

Spouse/Next of Kin Address:*
Father's Name

Father's Phone

Father's Email


Emergency Contact Name:*

Relationship to you:*

Emergency Contact Phone:


Emergency Contact Mobile:

Emergency Contact Address:*


Home Church:*

Senior Minister/s:*



Are you a member of your Church:*

Church Address:*


We recommend that students have ambulance cover while being trained in Excelerate Discipleship Training
in case of an emergency to avoid costly call-out fees.

List any medical conditions (past or present) that require specialised care or medical attention/supervision

Medical Conditions:

Do you have private health insurance?*

Do you have a Health Care Card?*

Do you have ambulance cover*

Health Fund Name and Member number

Medicare Number:

Please give detailed information if you have ticked one or more of the medical condition boxes to the left:


Highest Secondary School Level Completed:*

Any Other Qualifications:

Tertiary Qualifications Completed:

* A Transcript of results of highest qualification will need to be provided at interview


Please list your employment history (Title / Employer / Length of employment)*


What Excelerate Discipleship Training course are you applying for?

Why are you choosing the Sponsored or Unsponsored option? Describe why you believe this is the most suitable option. Please be aware that there are limited sponsored positions available and the final decision regarding this will be made by the EDT team if demand for positions is greater than availability. *
NOTE:    Sponsored students will pay a levy of $65 per week that will go towards several key House Parenting events, training and administration cost associated with providing House Parents for students. This levy is only applied to sponsored students and is extremely affordable and financially beneficial compared to the total costs of living that unsponsored students will have to occur (rent/mortgage, food, utilities etc.). 


When your application for EDT is processed, you will be sent an additional form to complete for the Diploma of Ministry.


Please rank the following electives in order of preference 1 – 8 (fulltime students only)

Note: electives may undergo change at any point.

Elective 1*
Elective 2*
Elective 3*
Elective 4*
Elective 5*
Elective 6*
Elective 7*
Elective 8*

(Unsponsored Full Time Students Only)

Please provide the address where you plan to live throughout your training at Excelerate Discipleship Training if known.

POTENTIAL EMPLOYMENT(Unsponsored Fulltime Students Only)

Do you plan to work throughout your year in Excelerate Discipleship Training?

If so, what is the field of your employment?

How many hours per week do you plan to work outside of Excelerate Discipleship Training?

(Sponsored Fulltime Students Only)

Will you have a reliable vehicle during Excelerate Discipleship Training?

Do you have a valid Driver’s License?

Is it road worthy and in good running condition, and Transmission Type

Have you had any driving infringement in the last 3 years?

If yes, please give details


Please answer the following short questions to help us get to know you better

How did you find out about Excelerate Discipleship Training? *

What extracurricular activities are you involved in (sports, music, etc): *
Do you currently attend a local church?*

If yes, please describe the areas have you served in your church and for how long and why you served in those areas.
If no, please share why you are not participating in a church at present.
What are your reasons for applying for Excelerate Discipleship Training: *
Please share your personal testimony of your encounter with Jesus: *
Who has influenced your life the most and why? *


Which payment option do you intend to commit to?

The Total Fees Payable is the amount required if the student is doing the course including the Diploma cost covered by Fee Help support. Please contact the EDT team or see the Website for details about FeeHelp options.

The Total Cost of Course is the amount payable, including the cost of completing the Higher Education Diploma.  

EXCELERATE Discipleship Training Bank Details:

Westpac Bank, Karingal

BSB: 033-138
Account Number: 267016
Reference: Your name + what money is for

Part Time 1st Year Options

Sponsored Full Time 1st Year Options

Unsponsored Full Time 1st Year Options

Sponsored Full Time 2nd Year Options

Unsponsored Full Time 2nd Year Options

A full explanation of the financial commitment including the Refund Policy will be discussed during the interview process.


The below criteria must be satisfied in order to be considered for Excelerate Discipleship Training:

  1. Be over 18 years of age (or turning 18 within the first few months of commencing EDT)
  2. Agree to the EDT statement of faith
  3. Complete the application form, including all referee reports and pay the application processing fee by the due date
  4. Agree to the EDT policies of no drinking and no dating. These policies are a tested and proven pattern to protect and strengthen the students’ relationship with the Lord and to protect their integrity as disciples. These policies will be discussed further during the interview process.
I agree to my financial responsibilities and the prerequisites as explained in this application upon entering Excelerate Discipleship Training. *

please upload a passport style photo of yourself:*
Digital Signature (type full name):*



When you submit your application form and pay your fees you make an agreement with Excelerate Discipleship Training that you will follow Excelerate Discipleship Training policies and procedures. The following outlines your rights and responsibilities as an enrolled student:

I will:

  • Treat all staff, students and the general public with respect, fairness and courtesy
  • Be punctual and regular in my attendance
  • Submit my assessment tasks by the due date or ask for an extension of time
  • Contribute freely and equally to any group assessments which receive a group mark
  • Return or renew my library books by the due date
  • Use protective equipment where required and follow all workplace health and safety (WHS) instructions
  • Respect (not damage, steal, modify, misuse, waste or pollute) the property of others including the Excelerate Discipleship Training assets.
  • Report any workplace health, safety or environmental incidents to my teacher immediately

I will not:

  • Plagiarise, collude or cheat in any assessment event or examination
  • Use any social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, mobile phones, pagers or similar devices for personal reasons in class or exams
  • Use cameras or recording devices, including mobile phones, without the consent of the person being photographed or recorded
  • Be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs in the learning environment
  • Engage in behaviour which may offend, embarrass, threaten or harm other students, staff or the general public – including SMS messaging or any form of cyber bullying

I have the right to:

  • Be treated fairly and with respect by teachers, other staff and students
  • Learn in an environment free of discrimination and harassment
  • Pursue my educational goals in a supportive and stimulating learning environment
  • Have my Excelerate Discipleship Training records and personal information stored and maintained in a confidential, secure and professional manner
  • Receive information about assessment procedures and my progress in the course in a timely and professional manner
I have read and understood my rights and responsibilities:*


Mentor Reference

Applicant’s Instructions: 

This form is to be filled out by your C2G Leader if applicant is from Southern Lights, or a mentor/leader/teacher/employer if coming from outside Southern Lights, and emailed directly to Excelerate Discipleship Training. A family member should not fill out this form.

Your Mentor can access the form via the Excelerate Discipleship Training Website at

Pastor’s Reference

Applicant’s Instructions:

(PLEASE NOTE: If you have been at Southern Lights for a minimum of 12 Months, you will not need to provide a pastors reference.)

This reference should be completed by your Pastor (if applicable) and emailed directly to Excelerate Discipleship Training.  If your parent is the Pastor, please refer the form to the Assistant Pastor or Youth Pastor in your church.  If a person other than your Pastor (Assistant Pastor or Youth Pastor) completes the form, an explanation should be provided.

Your Pastor (if applicable) can access the form via the Excelerate Discipleship Training Website at

If you are not currently attending a church or you Pastor is not in a position to complete the Pastor’s reference, please obtain two (2) Mentor’s References