Mission Trips

EDT aims to transform the hearts of Christian men and women, by training and equipping them into mature sons and daughters with godly character and leadership ability that prepares them to be highly influential in the nations for Jesus Christ.




The School of Tyrannus: A Proven Model for Training Disciples

- Ps Caleb Nicholes -

In Acts 19:8 Paul has enters into a new city, Ephesus. He finds 12 disciples, he upgrades them into a new dimension of Christian life, baptising them with the Holy Spirit. Inspired and eager to continue sharing the message of the Way in Ephesus Paul enters the synagogue. He preaches boldly and successfully for 3 months until opposition to him arises in the house of God. Hearts become hard, minds refuse to believe and the mouths of some begin to publically slander Paul’s gospel message and ministry. Paul knows that his new disciples cannot be effectively raised in a place of contention. At the risk of contamination Paul takes his disciples into the School of Tyrannus where he trains and equips them daily for 2 years giving us an insight to his unique model of discipleship training.